The Investing Course

The Investing Course
by Tony Fitzpatrick

The Investing Course

Course Description 

Why Choose this Course?

IIFT’s INVESTING course is a must for people who feel that they don’t really know how to go about getting a good return on their money. Who should I talk to? Who can I trust with my money? How can I take an active role in investing? Should I buy shares? What shares should I buy? Should I be in other things like property or bonds or funds? How do I minimize risk? How do I build an investment plan suitable for my needs?
Course Details: 4 evening sessions Live Online via Zoom

Course content

Module 1

  • Asset classes, updates- Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Property, ETF’s and Crypto Currencies
  • Portfolio Creation – Diversification
  • What are the best investment products available and how to access them?
  • How does one go about picking the best investment product?
  • Investing via your pension – what are the benefits and pitfalls?
  • Tax Efficiency & Buying Techniques

Module 2

  • Shares and Fundamental Analysis
  • Stock Markets and Sectors – a description
  • Investing Styles – Growth, Value, Income
  • Evaluating Companies- what are they worth? Are prices crazy!!!!
  • Rules for Buying
  • Common Mistakes
  • Maximizing Profits
  • Stock Screening

Module 3

  • Technical analysis
  • Charting single stocks -current exanples
  • Indicators

Module 4

  • Bringing It All Together
  • The Principles that govern all successful Investing – what do the world famous like Warren Buffet do?
  • Investing carries risk. What is the correct risk for you?
  • Understand fees and charges – how much is fair and how to find out what you are really being charged
  • Managing your relationship with your financial advisor and how to get the best advice?
  • Rules to guide your investment decisions

Course Starts Thursday 22 April 2021

Four modules

6-8 pm

Delivered Live Online

All skill level recommended

IIFT Certificate

4 CPD hours awarded upon completion (IOB + LIA)

Terms & Conditions
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Meet Your Instructor

Tony Fitzpatrick

Tony Fitzpatrick FCCA, MCSI, QFA

Tony is an accountant and Qualified Financial Adviser.

Tony has spent his career in Financial Services working in Stockbroking, Moneybroking and Investment Advisory firms. His expertise is in equities, investment structures, corporate finance, foreign exchange, risk management and regulation. He has been with IIFT since its inception and involved in course design for many years. He has an in-depth knowledge of all matters Finance.