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New You for 2022

Diploma in Trading - Starts 25th January

Advanced Trading Diploma - Starts 20th January

Mentorship Programme

All Courses Delivered Live via Amazon Chime

The Investing Course - Starts 20th January

Why not start 2022 by becoming wiser...

Learn the skills, tools and techniques to invest or trade the financial markets.
Know that your money or pension is being looked after as best as possible
to support you and your family.

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Live online via Zoom

The course is suitable for all levels from Qualified
Financial Advisors to Personal Investing Novices.

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Learn about The Markets.
Live, Online, At Home Diploma Course

2 Months Mentoring and Support. Trading Practices and Techniques Explored.
Technical Analysis and Risk Management Explained

"Some good news, I have landed a job with Goodbody Stockbrokers. During my interview
with them they asked about IIFT and the trading course, we spoke at length about what I had
learned from yourself so it was a major factor in me securing the graduate position."

We were delighted to receive this email recently from one of our past students
Since 2010, the Institute of Investing and Financial Trading has provided excellence in Financial Markets Training and Education. We teach prospective Investors and traders the skills, techniques and methods which professional traders and fund managers use. You will gain an extensive knowledge of the financial markets and we will educate you on how to invest and protect your capital.
All our courses are LIVE, not pre recorded, so you get a market perspective that is current and relevant. You meet your lecturers face to face, ask questions and get answers. You are also supported by our team of experts in the IIFT throughout your financial markets journey.

The Investing Course is a must for people who feel that they don’t know how to go about getting a good ROI. We take you on the full journey from start to finish of Investing. You’ll end up much wiser about investing and what’s involved.

  • Types of investments
  • Structuring your Portfolio
  • Finding Stocks
  • Evaluating Companies
  • How Warren Buffet Invests
  • Risk management & lots more

Learn how to trade the financial markets. You will learn skills, techniques and disciplines required for interacting with the financial markets. Delivered by Veteran trader Colin Gregan. You will learn what it takes to be a successful trader.

  • Identify market opportunities
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Trading Strategies
  • Trading Platforms
  • Technical Analysis
  • Charting Techniques

Whether you’re trading for short-term gains or investing for long-term returns, you need accurate information and professional views to help you develop your own views, tactics and strategies.

There is a wealth of information and insights provided on a daily basis from a market overview.

We also provide risk parameters so you know what proportion of your capital to commit to each trade.

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Now is the perfect time to learn about the Financial Markets. Keep your money safe, preserve your spending power against ever higher inflation and even look for opportunities in the stock market.


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The Investing Course   €350

Diploma in Trading   €395

Daily Commentary €40 month

About IIFT

The Institute of Investing & Financial Trading (IIFT) is located on 26 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 and provides students with education about the financial markets in a classroom setting since 2010.

We provide those interested in trading and investing with an understanding of the financial markets. Our advanced courses are for those interested in becoming active traders/investors.

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What you will learn

We offer you a hands on introduction and insight into the world of trading and investing. Our team of experts are veterans in day trading and investing, with an in depth knowledge of the financial markets. They are on hand to educate you as you embark upon your financial market journey.

Our goal is to draw upon research and experience to deliver you a unique and beneficial insight into trading and investing.

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“This course has opened up a whole new world to me. being given the knowledge & tools to engage in financial trading without being intimidated, and the opportunity to financially benefit from same.”

Thomas Kelly — Dublin

“The day was great. Always been interested in financial trading and I saw how good modern platforms and systems are. It’s clear how easy it is to trade from your own home and Peter’s knowledge of good and bad markets to trade is brilliant.”

Don Morrissey – Dublin

Man with glasses smiling - IIFT Investing Programme graduate

“I enjoyed Peter’s macro view on the economics around the world and what impact it has on the stock markets. Niall’s technical analysis on how to trade was easy to follow and understand, something I was looking for when I started the course.”

Mick Farrell – Longford

Frequently Asked Questions

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

What kind of education do you offer?

The Institute of Investing & Financial Trading provides training and education in the financial markets, with an emphasis placed on a classroom learning experience. 

Who are your courses for?

Our courses are designed for both novice and experienced stock enthusiasts. Our Diploma in Trading is for those looking to gain an understanding of trading. Our Investor Programme is for those who are acquainted with the markets, but looking to gain extra knowledge. All our courses are accredited for CPD hours (IOB + LIA)

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