Fair Deal Course

Fair Deal Course
by Tony Fitzpatrick

The fair deal scheme is a government financial support scheme for those in or entering long-term nursing home care. Under Fair Deal, you pay a certain amount towards the cost of your care and the HSE pays the rest. The scheme is open to everyone and can dramatically help many families.

Fair Deal can be a complex system and this course is designed to assist you navigate that system.


The course will cover:

Everything you need to know about the Fair Deal Scheme.

  • The steps involved in the Fair Deal application process.
  • What is taken into account for the financial assessment?
  • Recent changes to the legislation.
  • Case studies to illustrate how an individual’s weekly contribution is calculated.
  • How to support someone who lacks the capacity to consent to an application.
  • Tax relief & Nursing Home fees.

Course participants can avail of a free 30-minute consultation for guidance on individual circumstances & to discuss options if they wish to avail of additional support.



Your Fair Deal experts are-

Julie Austin and Mary Courtney

Mary has been a Social Worker for 43 years & Julie for 26 years.

They have worked together since 2001 initially in Medical Social Work & more recently in the private nursing home sector.

They have both worked with the fair deal scheme since its inception in 2009 supporting residents & families in navigating the application process.

They have advised and helped numerous clients navigate the journey from Home to Nursing Home.


Who will benefit from this course?

  • Those who have relatives intending to avail of the fair deal scheme.
  • Those who have general interest in this area and may need the information in the future.

Course Description 

Dates:       Autumn 2022
Time:         6:30 – 7:15pm
Fee:            €150
Delivery:    Live Online via Amazon Chime

Each class is recorded and emailed to participants the following day. This allows you revisit the content again and again.

All skill level recommended

IIFT Certificate

Terms & Conditions
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This course takes place online via Amazon Chime. Please contact Colin Gregan 01 9011630, 0851 733 729 [email protected].

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