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What to expect from our investing courses

Becoming a good investor is a lifelong journey. By definition, there will be ups and downs. Equally, it is never too early or too late to begin or advance your investing education.

IIFT’s investing courses are a must for people who feel they don’t really know how to go about getting a good return on their money. Who should I talk to? Who can I trust with my money? How can I take an active role in investing? Should I buy shares? Should I be in other things like property or bonds or funds? How do I minimise risk? How do I build an investment plan suitable for my needs?

With interest rates so low, people now realise that earning 1% or 2% gross on their savings and deposits is simply not good enough.

Our investing courses will open your eyes to lots of different ways to go about growing your capital & finances using modern tools and platforms, tax-efficient methodologies and lower cost financial services providers.

You can attend in person (in Dublin) or attend one of our regional courses held every 3 months.

If you are a complete beginner and new to investing, we recommend starting with the Investing Fundamentals course.

No matter what type of investing you want to do, IIFT will provide you with a comprehensive blend of face to face training, professional expertise and ongoing support in your journey to making money from the markets.

CPD hours awarded upon completion (IOB & LIA) of all our courses

Courses range from one day classroom classes to 4 week in-depth education

Various recommended levels of skill make our courses appealing to a first time investor or seasoned veteran.

IIFT certificate presented to successful graduates

Colin Gregan – Managing Director

“Our goal is to teach you the basics of investing and protect in your foray into trading and investing as a means of income”

Our CPD Accredited Investing Programmes

Our One Day Investing Seminar is tailored for those with an understanding of the markets. Our objective is to give you the knowledge and confidence needed to grow your finances.

Our Investing Fundamentals course affords students at a beginners investing level the opportunity to gain an understanding of the markets.

This course is designed for those who wish to gain an insight into tried and tested strategies used by industry professionals.

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Here’s what some of our students have said

“Excellent – A must for anyone interested in their future financial well-being. Very Happy I invested in it. Recommended to numerous friends/family.”
Michael Whelan, Kildare

“Found the course hugely informative. Covered a lot of topics – great to get views from people who know what they’re talking about. Surpassed my expectations.”
Peter Kearney, Dublin

“Very good course. Great overall view and helpful for focusing the mind on what is important.”
Michele Glynn, Dublin