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Hard facts. Clear solutions.

We are committed to our students and providing you with the best possible education and knowledge needed upon entering the financial markets. We strive to give expert advice and support based on our economic expertise, as well as communicate facts to our students. We provide independent advice based on established research methods, and our experts have in-depth sector knowledge. Please review our testimonials below.

“The day was great. Always been interested in financial trading and I saw how good modern platforms and systems are. It’s clear how easy it is to trade from your own home and Peter’s knowledge of good and bad markets to trade is brilliant.”

Don Morrissey

“10/10. Very good course – has taken the mystery out of understanding the financial markets.”

Aly Alvy

“This course has opened up a whole new world to me, being given the knowledge & tools to engage in financial trading without being intimidated, and the opportunity to financially benefit from same.”

Jason Clancy

“I found the Diploma in Trading course interesting, informative and very worthwhile. It delivered everything that I wanted from the course. The presenters were professional and approachable and looked forward to attending the course each evening at 6.30pm. I would recommend the course to people who have an interest in Trading, Investing or even just an interest in how the world of finance and the markets work.”

Christy Early

“I have always had an interest in trading the financial markets but knew little about them or how the markets moved up or down. After taking part in the Diploma in Trading with IIFT it has given me a great knowledge base to enable me to progress my trading career. The key learnings of risk management have definitely opened my eyes to the importance of adequate training before jumping into the markets without any experience. Highly recommend doing the course if you’re any way interested.”

Stephen Dykes

“I would highly recommend the IIFT Trading Diploma to anyone who wants to learn to trade. I knew virtually nothing before I started but I learned so much in such a short space of time that by the end of the Diploma I was confident and looking forward to trading. The team are honest, approachable, informative and very experienced and they do not go for the ‘hard sell’. They are genuinely interested in teaching good trading practices and their emphasis on risk management was particularly impressive.”

Scott McComish

“I especially enjoyed Niall’s technical analysis on how to trade. Everything I learnt from him is exactly what I was looking for when I first started.
I am absolutely delighted to have studied with IIFT and will be doing further studies with them in the future….no regrets what so ever.”

Terence Chan

“The Advanced Technical Analysis course touches all the critical points you need to get off the ground and learn from successful trading experiences. Good material, definitely worth the time and money”

Tibor Gellert

“I thought I knew how to pick stocks but David opened my eyes as to how to do it professionally. I was unaware of the technology available to the retail investor; it levels the playing field for me with the big boys. The course is an absolute must and the work that goes into managing a portfolio is a lot less than I anticipated. David’s willingness to also engage after the course via email is brilliant.”

Simon Higgins

“The Advanced Trading Week with Peter Brown was excellent. Not only did I learn more than I could have hoped for, I also got real life trading experience. It was very enjoyable and I would and will recommend this course. Remember your risk management.”

Francis Fitzgerald

“The Advanced Trading Week provides a great opportunity to get some real experience with real people in a live environment. Toroughly enjoyed the week, learned lots and have now a greater understanding of the financial markets.”

Joe Roche

“It is very important to gain some knowledge about the financial markets and the financial services industry. The one day course I attended in IIFT delivered by Peter Brown opened my eyes as to how dangerous the industry is and how careful I need to be about interacting with financial advisors. Peter showed the cost of some of these products and it is staggering. There is a return to be made but you better be able to evaluate the talent in your corner. This course helped me do that.”

Frederick Masterson