Daily Commentary

Daily Commentary
by Creativ3

Markets Analysis – Support and Resistance for the Major Markets

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Whether you’re trading for short-term gains or investing in long term returns, you need accurate information and professional views to help you develop your own views, tactics and strategies. IIFT Daily Commentary  offers clients access to highly regarded and experienced financial market traders.

Peter Brown, Colin Gregan and Niall O’Connor are the experts behind the system and leveraging their 50+ years of market experience, deliver to you an unrivaled Macro-economic markets guide.

There is a wealth of information and insights provided on a daily basis from a market overview to recommended trades with associated entry and exit points. We also provide risk parameters to accompany each trade so you know what proportion of your capital to commit to each trade.

Macro overview & Support and Resistance. Trend identification.

Technical Analysis

Professional Trading Outlook With Over 50 Years Market Experience

Market & Trend Tracking

Superior Risk Management

Trend identification.

Volatility Management

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Meet Your Team

Headshot of a man in a suit - Peter Brown

Peter Brown – Head Of Education

The epitome of the professional markets trader, Peter has run trading desks in Europe including at Barclays Bank – dealing runs in his veins. He loves imparting his markets and trading knowledge to retail investors and traders. Few media commentators can match the directness and clarity of his views.

Colin Gregan – Managing Director

Colin owned and managed Fitzwilliam Currency Brokers in the 70s 80s and 90s. The business was a very successful wholesale inter bank money broker, specialising in foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives. He managed a FX Futures Trading business on the Finex Futures Exchange and also traded oil on the Nymex floor.

He has numerous years’ experience day trading the S&P500 index of US stocks and holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from UCD. As Managing Director at IIFT – He is always available to mentor and assist IIFT Alumni in their Financial Markets Trading and Investing journey.

Headshot of man smiling in a suit - Niall O Connor

Niall O’Connor – Analyst & Lecturer

Niall is a 2010 alumnus, employee and in-house analyst at the IIFT. Niall’s qualifications include Risk, Financial & Quantitative Analysis from DBS along with holding Engineering Degrees in both Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering from the DIT. Niall has brought invaluable skills & experience to instill solid risk management methodologies and has combined this with nearly a decade of chart analysis to achieve a high degree of efficiency from low level market exposure.