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About Us
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The Institute of Investing & Financial Trading was founded in 2010 and continues to go from strength to strength. We believe in providing education to traders and investors, giving you a solid grounding on the key principles and disciplines, while setting you up for the best possible chance at success. We do no believe in the “get rich quick” promises and tactics touted across the internet. We believe in a process and that education of the financial markets is of the utmost importance.

On a weekly basis, we come across students who have previously fallen into these traps, only to lose thousands in the process. These “revolutionary” trading strategies and prophesies are nothing more than automated systems and people behind screens, waiting to take your money.

With the Institute of Investing & Financial Trading, you get direct, honest, practical tuition & knowledge on the best way for you to build the plan and strategy that’s right for your trading. Contact us here for more information today.

We understand the importance of delivering a range of accessible learning options. Our state of the art boardrooms deliver a hands on, practical experience while our on day courses facilitate those are tight on time but want to understand the markets better.

We run free monthly Trading and Investing Seminars in UCD and in our learning centre on Baggot Street. These evenings are highly engaging and allow you to ask questions about our education and services as well as learning some useful market hints and tips.

Are you looking for an insight into the financial markets? Or are you thinking of the bigger picture and looking for long-term investing education? The IIFT Signals Service offers you a unique insight into the markets with over 60 years experience backing our methods.

Guaranteed Expertise

Colin Gregan – Managing Director

Colin began his career in Marshall’s, the world’s biggest FX brokerage. He traded the US $ and Irish pound deposit book at Citibank Dublin. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UCD and specialised in trading the S&P 500, Currencies, Oil and Gold in the past. Before that, Colin managed his own business on the Finex.

Colin also helped develop Nymex and at one point his company, Fitzwilliam Currency Brokers, were Ireland’s leading wholesale money broking company.

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Niall O’Connor – Resident Analyst & Lecturer

Niall is a 2010 alumnus, employee and in-house analyst at the IIFT. Niall’s qualifications include Risk, Financial & Quantitative Analysis from DBS along with holding Engineering Degrees in both Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering from the DIT. He was also awarded a 1st Class Honours for his Thesis from visiting Head of Engineering & Cognitive Sciences at M.I.T. Boston.

Niall has brought invaluable skills & experience to instill solid risk management methodologies and has combined this with nearly a decade of chart analysis to achieve a high degree of efficiency from low-level market exposure.

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Derek Ryan – Pensions Expert

Derek is Head of Retirement Asset Services in Smith & Williamson. He is an Associate of the Irish Institute of Pension Managers and a fellow of the Pensions Management Institute in the UK. Derek is approved as a pensioner trustee and is experienced in structuring bespoke approved retirement schemes.

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