by Tony Fitzpatrick

IIFT Mentorship

Course Description 

At IIFT we want to help you succeed with you Investing and Trading. The IIFT Mentorship Programme has been designed to deliver real benefits by focusing on key areas specific to each individual that will enhance their success rate.


  • This one-to-one course is tailored around your knowledge and requirements.
  • You will receive individual tuition for a minimum of four sessions
  • You will receive Course Materials and a Trading Platform on which you will be trained.
  • You will learn how to trade or improve your trading of the markets.
  • You will learn how to invest for the future in financial assets.


In this Programme you learn the key skills to make money trading.

Among those are –

  • How to understand charts and use indicators to identify the trend.
  • Understand from the charts where to sell and buy
  • Learn the correct markets to trade in and what causes any market to move in any direction.
  • Get actionable ideas on specific trades.
  • Learn how to protect your capital
  • Learn the mathematics of trading
  • Learn techniques that repeat in markets regularly.


Contact MD Colin Gregan 01 66 44 034, 0851 733 729, or email [email protected] to discuss

At a Time of Your Choosing

All skill levels

Two, 40-Minute Sessions

Terms & Conditions
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Due to Covid-19 mentorship will take place remotely via AWS Chime. Please contact Colin Gregan 019011630, 0851 733 729 [email protected].

Meet Your Mentor

Colin Gregan – Managing Director

Colin owned and managed Fitzwilliam Currency Brokers in the 70s 80s and 90s. The business was a very successful wholesale inter bank money broker, specialising in foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives. He managed a FX Futures Trading business on the Finex Futures Exchange and also traded oil on the Nymex floor.

He has numerous years’ experience day trading the S&P500 index of US stocks and holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from UCD. As Managing Director at IIFT – He is always available to mentor and assist IIFT Alumni in their Financial Markets Trading and Investing journey.

Do you need more information? If so, we'd be happy to help. Please call Colin on 01 9011630