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Diploma In Trading


If you’re looking for a more in-depth understanding of the markets and how you can trade independently, our diploma course is for you. This course will cover the primary principles of trading. The lectures are presented by market professionals and our team of in-house lecturers, led by Peter Brown.

Peter has more than 25 years of trading experience and shares his unique trading education with you in a clear and concise style. This course also qualifies for CPD hours (IOB + LIA)


Module 1

Introduction to Trading

• Trading Essentials + How we place our trades
• Products + Participants
• Price Movements
• Trading Company Example
• Trading Risk Manager Conflict Resolution
• Role of The Risk Manager + Risk Reward Ratios
• The “T” In Trading

Trading Products, Techniques & Strategies

• Trading Solar System + Trading Techniques
• Trading Psychology
• Dax Fade Trade, Straddle Trade and S+P Gap Trade
• Short Term Interest Rates
• Bond Markets
• Trading – Journey To Success

Module 2

Spread Trading

• Traditional vs Modern Services
• What is Spreadbetting?
• Why Use Spreadbetting?
• Spreadbetting Platform
• Products Contracts
• What Are Points, Tricks, Handles, Pips and Bips?

Risk Management

• What is Trade Stake/Risk?
• Stop Losses
• Calculating Stake Size
• Risk Management Examples
• Live Trading Examples

Technical Analysis 1

• Introduction To Technical Analysis
• Types Of Charts
• What Is A Candlestick?
• Support & Resistance (Definition)
• Basic Chart Patterns


Module 3

Technical Analysis 2

• Chart Timeframes
• Technical Tools/Indicators
• Moving Averages
• Grouping Technical Tools
• Support & Resistance (Recognition)

Risk Management 2

• Value In Trading
• Reward:Risk Ratio
• Cheap vs Expensive
• Combining It All: Trading Maths & Technical Analysis


Module 4

Detailed Trading Techniques 

• Market Update
• Index Trading – 24 Hour Run Through
• Range Trading & Trend Catching Techniques
• Day Trading & Strategic Trading
• High Frequency Trading (Jobbing)
• Loading In
• Tuned In & Out
• 4 Pillars Of Profitability
• Using The Dealing Ticket

Moving Forward 

• Trading Forecast
• How To Develop A Trading Plan
• Trading Review & Trading Action Plan
• Financial Trading Checklist
• Psychology Of Trading
• IIFT Instructors Chart Setup


Upon completion of our Diploma in Trading, you will be qualified to enter the market knowing the tips and tricks the best traders in the industry use. Our intensive 4 week course also allows for you to broaden your horizons in terms of job prospects.

Bonus Content

Access to Daily Support for 1 Month Free

• Access to IIFT’s Daily Market Commentary
• Access to IIFT’s profitable Daily Trading Signals with Entry Price, Risk, and Targets 

Risk Management

• Trading Support Maths Document
• Risk Management and Demo Trading Exercises
• Stake Calculator
• Basic Trading Plan Preparation Document
• IIFT Trading Ticket Document & Weekly Review Sheet.

On demand Support Videos

• Platform support videos
• Trade execution support videos
• Advanced Strategy implementation videos

Email Support

• Direct access to Trader’s with email support


If you require further information about our offerings, please contact Colin, Managing Director of IIFT.

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