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Advanced Trading Course


Our new 6 Module Course will give a full insight into Advanced Market Trading.
This course is perfect for those who have completed our Diploma in Financial Trading or people who have experience trading the Financial Markets but need a kick start, better ideas, a better plan…..

Module 1

  • Introduction & system setup
  • Daily Live Trading
  • Morning Strategy Meeting

Module 2

  • Daily DAX Fade Trade Set Up and Execution
  • High frequency trading
  • Advanced Technical Analysis Tutorial: Chart set ups for Day Trading, Strategic Trading, Order Trading and Equity Trading.
  • How to form your Macro view: Navigating the IIFT Daily Note

Module 3

  • Straddle Trade Tactics and live examples
  • Gap Plays and how to execute
  • How to make money Strategic Trading
  • Signal Trading – execution

Module 4

  • Equity Pairs Trading
  • Trend Catching – spotting opportunities and finding entry levels
  • Trading Psychology and Analysis
  • A finalised Trading Plan


If you require further information about our offerings, please contact Colin, Managing Director of IIFT

Colin Gregan,
Managing Director, IIFT
01 66 44 034
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