Learn To Trade The Markets Online At Home

Learn To Trade The Markets Online At Home
by Creativ3

IIFT – Learn To Trade The Markets Live Online At Home

Course Details

In light of recent events, we at IIFT have launched our first ever live, interactive online trading session. “Learn to trade the markets live online at home” is delivered by the vastly experienced IIFT Managing Director, Colin Gregan. Our session will be delivered via Amazon Chime, which you will receive a link to. Valuable knowledge and experience that can only be gained in a live trading environment forms the basis of this live two hour online trading session.

Colin owned and managed Fitzwilliam Currency Brokers in the 70s 80s and 90s. The business was a very successful wholesale inter bank money broker, specialising in foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives. He also has numerous years’ experience day trading the S&P500 index of US stocks and still trades today. (as you will find out)

You will have the opportunity to learn the principles of trading, when, where and why to trade and see some the successful trading strategies and techniques which Colin and the team at IIFT have developed over the years.

Whether you aspire to be a day trader, strategic trader or active investor, you can expect to have a very intensive development period akin to working in a professional trading environment.

To Book a Place:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0851 733 729

Live Online Via Amazon Chime

Commences Monday 18 May and continues on Wednesday 20 May, Monday 25 and Wednesday 27 May, 2020.

This is a beginners course. You will learn how and when to Trade The Markets.

You will benefit from our years experience trading the Financial Markets.

The course is suitable for all levels

You will be mentored, you will receive a demonstration trading account and be instructed how to use it. 

You will learn how charts give an insight into the Stock Market

By booking this course, it is accepted that you have read the booking terms and conditions. If you have not read them, you can find them here.