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Learn about how seasonality affects the markets and how you can capitalise on it.

It is important to consider the effects of seasonality when analysing stocks from a fundamental point of view. A business that experiences higher sales in certain seasons appear to be making significant gains during peak seasons and significant losses during off-peak seasons. If this is not taken into consideration, an investor may choose to buy or sell securities based on the activity at hand without accounting for the seasonal change that subsequently occurs as part of the company’s seasonal business cycle.

Why Choose Our Seasonality Course?

We are committed to educating and preparing you for your future in investing and trading. Our hands on classroom classes allow you to gain hands on experience in investing before you enter the market on your own. We help students at every stage of growth, encourage development and collaborate with you to reach your trading potential.

  • We help you understand the various price indicators and methods associated with seasonality trading
  • Teach you how to spot value in the markets
  • Give you the skills to spot seasonal trends and patterns
  • Future price prediction
  • Suitable for beginners & advanced traders

1 day (Saturday) course

Beginners skill level recommended

IIFT certificate

4 CPD hours awarded upon competition (IOB + LIA)

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Here’s what some of our students have said

“I attended the seasonality course not knowing what to expect. My eyes were opened as to how much this matters. Most products have a seasonal pattern where they are in demand or not, making price movement predictable. Without this knowledge are we trading in the dark?. This course was a brilliant addition to my trading and investing knowledge base.”
Eamon Murray

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