Advanced Trading Week


The core of the Advanced Trading Week is the live Trading experience with Peter Brown and the team at IIFT
  • Learn in a live trading environment
  • Course modelled on professional trading room
  • Live trading and daily tutorials

Module 1

  • Introduction & system setup
  • Daily Live Trading
  • Morning Strategy Meeting

Module 2

  • Daily DAX Fade Trade Set Up and Execution
  • High frequency trading
  • Advanced Technical Analysis Tutorial: Chart set ups for Day Trading, Strategic Trading, Order Trading and Equity Trading.
  • How to form your Macro view: Navigating the IIFT Daily Note

Module 3

  • Straddle Trade Tactics and live examples
  • Gap Plays and how to execute
  • How to make money Strategic Trading
  • Signal Trading – execution

Module 4

  • Equity Pairs Trading
  • Trend Catching – spotting opportunities and finding entry levels
  • Trading Psychology and Analysis
  • A finalised Trading Plan


If you require further information about our offerings, please contact Colin, Managing Director of IIFT

Colin Gregan,
Managing Director, IIFT
01 66 44 034
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