One Day Investing Educational Seminar

One Day Investing Educational Seminar
by Creativ3

Learning Outcomes

Course Details

Opening Introduction Colin Gregan Managing Director IIFT

Morning Session

The domestic and international economic outlook – from an investing perspective.

The Principles that govern all successful investing

Managing your relationship with your financial advisor and how to get the best advice?

Investing via your pension – what are the benefits and pitfalls?

Investing carries risk. What is the correct risk for you?

Understand fees and charges – how much is fair and how to find out what you are really being charged

Why managed products are bad

Asset classes, updates- Equities, Bonds, commodities, Property, ETF’s and Cryptos

What are the best investment products available and how to access them?

How does one go about picking the best investment product?

Afternoon Session

Concept of value investing – proven in the long run to produce better returns.

Risk versus returns the modern challenge in any portfolio

How to manage a stock portfolio like a professional

How assets are affected by Seasonality

FAANG stocks- where to from here

My favourite stocks and the reasons why I like them

RE-balancing your portfolio now, why that is so essential

Baggot Products a quick overview; BMA, BMS, BME

Closing Remarks Colin Gregan Managing Director IIFT

5 Hours on a Saturday

All skill levels welcome

4 CPD hours awarded upon completion (IOB & LIA)

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This course has been postponed until further notice due to Covid19.

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Why Choose this Course?

IIFT’s INVESTING course is a must for people who feel that they don’t really know how to go about getting a good return on their money. Who should I talk to? Who can I trust with my money? How can I take an active role in investing? Should I buy shares? Should I be in other things like property or bonds or funds? How do I minimize risk? How do I build an investment plan suitable for my needs? With interest rates so low, we need to search for a Return from other Asset classes rather than Bank deposits.

Here’s what some of our students have said about IIFT Investing Courses

“Excellent – A must for anyone interested in their future financial well-being. Very Happy I invested in it. Recommended to numerous friends/family.”
Michael Whelan, Kildare

“Found the course hugely informative. Covered a lot of topics – great to get views from people who know what they’re talking about. Surpassed my expectations.”
Peter Kearney, Dublin

“Very good course. Great overall view and helpful for focusing the mind on what is important.”
Michele Glynn, Dublin

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