Advanced Stock
Picking Course

Advanced Stock
Picking Course
by Creativ3

Advanced Stock Picking Course

Course Details

This course is designed for those who want to learn and implement the best stock picking strategies.  We cover a range of topics on the day which include:

• World class stock screening principles and free tools
• In-depth coverage of legendary investors & investing styles
• Back-testing and evaluation of your chosen stocks
• Advanced portfolio management including risk assessment and optimisation

Why Choose Our Advanced Stock Picking Course?

*Learn how to pick the correct Stocks*

The ability to self-direct or manage your own funds with an advanced level of sophistication that should lead to market-beating performance on a consistent basis.

Learn to self invest, learn how to value companies, learn the different types of investing techniques, learn how to ‘Pick Stocks’…..

Intermediate skill level recommended

IIFT certificate

Terms & Conditions
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Our next Advanced Stock Picking Course – Stock Picking ( so relevant in the present environment) has been been postponed due to Covid 19

Please contact Colin 0851 733729 [email protected]

Here’s what some of our students have said

“It is very important to gain some knowledge about the financial markets and the financial services industry. The one day course I attended in IIFT delivered by Peter Brown opened my eyes as to how dangerous the industry is and how careful I need to be about interacting with financial advisors. Peter showed the cost of some of these products and it is staggering. There is a return to be made but you better be able to evaluate the talent in your corner. This course helped me do that.”
Federick Masterson

“I thought I knew how to pick stocks but David opened my eyes as to how to do it professionally. I was unaware of the technology available to the retail investor. The course is an absolute must and the work that goes into managing a portfolio is a lot less than I anticipated. David’s willingness to also engage after the course via email is brilliant.”
Simon Higgins

“Speaking as someone with a background in higher education, I found the course to be thorough, well-thought out and expertly delivered. There was no pressure to buy into any extras; indeed there was a great deal of generosity on the part of the organisers. Very supportive before, during and after the course.”
Robert Greene

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