Daily Commentary 2 February 2021

Daily Commentary 2 February 2021
by Tony Fitzpatrick

What is happening

As usual there are 2 points of view on the direction of the Indices from here.

Chart guys are calling for a reversal. Stock indices traditionally sell off dramatically and in a genuine down trend rally back firecly (short covering) but fail and return to new lows.

$spx big level approaching. No coincidence the 4 big resistance points just above all coinciding. 50 SMA 61.8% fib Descending DTL and the blue uptrend.



My Chart Guy says

Big debate is dead cat bounce vs lows in. Looking at prior similar sells that bounced to re-visit lows (Feb 2020, Oct 2018, Feb 2018 etc) they all retraced between 50-60% of the rally before dropping Currently, thats between here-4570ish in #ES_F. Reaction there will be deciding

Macro guys say

Inflation will subside when supply chains sort themselves out, huge growth as economies finally reopen, FED has our back (slow rate rises, swift action if stonks crash….), excellent earnings.

The FED speakers are being dovish, mostly. Generally saying they will fight inflation but they do not want to cause problems for the stock market.

Melt up is underway

Single stocks earnings

Alphabet/Google had excellent results and rallied 10% AH (after hours). They announced a 20-1 stock split. This in theory should not affect the stock price however the new lower share price will attract smaller investors.

Paypal got clumped 16% on poor outlook and results. Payment cos are in a very competitive market.

As I have pointed out regularly, earnings season can be dangerous for individual stocks. My rule of thumb here is – if price is at ATH and overbought some retracement is likey even if results are good. Outlook is key. On average it appears to me that profits should be taken before results come out. didn’t work with Google but has worked with most others particuarly the no profit IPOs etc.


I can’t call it. I have been flat for days. Seasonality in the bulls favour etc etc. Might do a close the gap play before US open but limited confidence.

Resistance Support Long term trend Short Term
Dax 15800 15600 UP flat
S&P 4580 4500 Up flat
Dow 35600 35k Up flat
Nasdaq 15300 15k UP flat
EUR/USD 1.1320 1.1280 Down flat
USD/JPY 115. 114.50 Up up
Gold 1,820 1,780 Flat Flat

MARKET MOVING ECONOMIC STATS TODAY –ISM Manufacturing was a bit lower than expected (supply chains) but reasonably strong. No market moving stats today.

https://www.investing.com/economic-calendar  https://www.investing.com/earnings-calendar/


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